Leader of Men
The State TheState
from the album The State
Released March 2000
Recorded January–February 1998
Length 3:32
Label Roadrunner
Written by Chad Kroeger
Ryan Peake
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Music video
Nickelback - Leader Of Men

Nickelback - Leader Of Men

"Leader of Men" was released in March 2000 as lead single for their album, The State.

The band's first successful single, the song reached the US rock charts, peaking at number eight on Mainstream Rock Tracks and number 21 on Modern Rock Tracks. It remained in the top ten of the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for 10 weeks straight.

The song received two music videos. One by MuchMusic[1] and one by Roadrunner Records. The MuchMusic music video shows Chad and company throwing out all the electronics in a house and destroying them. The Roadrunner Records music video shows the band playing in a recording room while a riot takes place outside.

The song is about the time Chad tripped on magic mushrooms, and also about the time he saved a girl from drowning.

Tell your friends not to think out loud
until they swallow
Whisper things into my brain
your voice sounds so hollow

I am not a leader of men
since I prefer to follow
Do you think I could have a drink
since it's so hard to swallow?

Turn your television off
and I will sing a song
If you suddenly have the urge
well you can sing along

I touch your hand touch your face
I think the fruit is rotten
Give me lessons on how to breathe
cause I think I've forgotten

One day out to a cliff
that overlooks the water
I jumped in to save a girl
it was somebody's daughter

And now the ring that's on my hand
was given to me by her
and to this day we all sit around
and dream of ways to get higher

to get much higher

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