Released March 1996
Recorded January 1996
Length 27:53
Label Self-released
Album chronology

Hesher is Nickelback's only EP. Supposedly, the name came from a friend of the band who would frequently say "Hey sure".

All songs were written and performed by Nickelback, the first songs lead singer Chad Kroeger wrote for the band. It was recorded in Vancouver and released in March/April 1996. After selling more than 10,000 copies, the band stopped production of the album, and it is now a sought-after collector's item.

Vancouver radio station CFOX-FM drew professional interest to this EP when it played "Fly".

Hesher was the first of only two albums to feature Chad Kroeger's cousin Brandon Kroeger as a drummer. He can also be seen in the music video for the single "Fly".

Four of the songs were re-released on their next album, Curb. Where? and Left were re-recorded, while the original versions of Window Shopper and Fly were also included.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Where?
  2. Window Shopper
  3. Fly
  4. Truck
  5. Left
  6. In Front of Me
  7. DC