Released May 1996
June 2002 (reissue)
Recorded 1996
Length 46:25
Label Shoreline Records / Select Records / self-released
Roadrunner Records (re-release)
Produced by  Larry Anschell
Album chronology
The State
Curb Original Cover
Curb's original cover

Curb is their first studio album. Originally self-released by the band in May 1996, the album was later reissued by Roadrunner Records in 2002, with a different album cover.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Little Friend
  2. Pusher
  3. Detangler
  4. Curb
  5. Where?
  6. Falls Back On
  7. Sea Groove
  8. Fly
  9. Just Four
  10. Left
  11. Window Shopper
  12. I Don't Have


  • Chad Kroeger – lead vocals, lead guitar
  • Ryan Peake – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Mike Kroeger – bass
  • Brandon Kroeger – drums
Additional personnel
  • Ariel Watson – cello on "Curb"
  • Boyd Grealy – drums on "Curb"
  • Larry Anschell – production, engineering, mixing
  • George Marino – mastering
2002 reissue artwork personnel
  • Linda Kusnetz – creative direction
  • Mr. Scott – photography, design
  • Daniel Moss – photography

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